Training Horses to Drink

Training is Easy – 1 Minute Instruction Time/1 Hour Learning Curve

trainingTraining animals to drink from the BlueBoy is easy and takes about 1 minute to teach the horse and about an hour for the horse to learn.  Start by removing all other water sources from the area.  Take your horse to the installed unit and press down on the activator disk.  When the bowl is full put some water in your hand and rub it on the nose of your horse.  This lets the horse know that this is the place to find water.  Push the activator disk again and fill up the bowl for your horse to explore.   At this point you are done.  When the horse is thirsty, she will return and discover the fresh water available.

How They Figure It Out

Horses are naturally curious and when they return to the unit they explore the water bowl with their nose and move into the bowl as far as they are physically able.  In doing so they inadvertently activate the unit and the rest is history.    

Training Mode Feature

The unit also has a feature that prevents the water from draining out.  This feature may be used to train any animal that may need extra help.   After they learn how to drink you may set the unit back to draining mode.  Generally, animals that use this feature represent about 5% of BlueBoy users.  In colder climates this training feature needs to be used in the non-freezing seasons of the year.