How It Works

No Electricity Needed to Heat the Water

Moderate Install-WorkingsThe BlueBoy works much like a frost-free hydrant.  The water source is an underground water supply line that is connected to the base of the unit.  When your horse pushes on the activator disk, water is released from the water supply line and travels up though the water fill/drain line, and into the drinking bowl.  When the horse finishes drinking, the remaining water flows back down through the water fill/drain line, out the drain valve, and into the gravel drain field. This leaves an empty bowl with no standing water.  For this reason, in the colder climates, electricity is not needed for heating the water.   

No Standing Water

no-standing-waterTraditional water methods such as buckets, troughs, or other automatic waters, all leave standing water.  Standing water can be a potential hazard and can lead to disease spread by rodents, birds, and mosquitoes.  In addition, stagnant water collects algae, which gives the water a stale musty taste.  Cleaning and scrubbing algae in many climates is a weekly chore.  Buying an automatic horse waterer should not cause additional chores.   The consequences of standing water are non issues with the BlueBoy.   

Consistent Water Temperature

Another benefit of no standing water is comfortable water temperature for drinking.   Because the water flowing into the drinking bowl comes directly from a buried water supply line, the water consumed is a consistent water temperature.  Unlike standing water, which absorbs frigid winter temperatures and scalding summer temperatures, the BlueBoy provides pleasing water temperatures, which means more water consumption in the dead of winter or the heat of summer and healthier horses- all year long.

Easy Access to Internal Workings

Another unique benefit of the BlueBoy is that the inner workings can be easily accessed from ground level.  The bowl can be turned, which unscrews and releases the lower valve assembly and connection.  This allows the inner workings to be pulled up to ground level for any reason without digging the unit up.