The BlueBoy is Tough as Nails…..Hammer Tested Tough!

Built to Last

Don’t let the beautiful appearance of the BlueBoy make you think that it is made of delicate material.  The blue transparent bowl is 100% poly carbonate, which means that it is designed for abuse and durability.  All parts are modular so if a part needs updating it can be easily replaced.  

activatorActivator/paddle unreachable to curious horses

Unlike other horse activated devices the activator is completely submerged, keeping it out of reach of your horse’s teeth.

Housed in Stainless Steel
The BlueBoy cylinder is housed in non-rust stainless steel, both non-corrosive and durable.

One of a Kind Valve

valveThe main valve of this unit is the only diaphragm valve in the livestock watering industry.  Our competitors use outdated poppet valves, and toilet bowl floats to activate their units.  These types of valves are famous for sticking open and flooding barns and pastures.  Diaphragm valves are used extensively for natural gas flow, where there is no room for a malfunctioning poppet valve.  Refrigerators with ice machines and water dispensers all use diaphragm valves.  They are reliable and have a high probability of perfect performance.